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Mon Oct 8 17:09:52 UTC 2018

On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 12:48 AM Matt S <staroscik at> wrote:

> It really seems like the project would benefit from having better hardware
> stats. If you make it a package, people have to be educated to get it and
> use it--not that it doesn't have value, it just isn't well exposed and you
> will only get stats from the most clueful users.
> I would suggest making anonymized stat upload part of the install and
> upgrade process, to get wider coverage.
> - When installing, there's a new step or checkbox with an opt-in for
> hardware data sharing, defaulting to off
> - If you opt in, your info is uploaded as part of the install process
> - Expose the same functionality in a new system-level command like
> 'freebsd-uploadstats' and make it an optional but suggested part of the
> upgrade process, which is something most users will see repeatedly if they
> continue to be users.
> Perhaps the local machine can generate a hash of the report, check that
> with the server before the upload goes through. Hardware doesn't change
> that often.
> I do not want the project to turn in to Google or Microsoft, but knowing
> the hardware in use is a pretty worthy goal.
> MS
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