dmesg submission service -- please submit today

Matt S staroscik at
Mon Oct 8 16:45:27 UTC 2018

It really seems like the project would benefit from having better hardware
stats. If you make it a package, people have to be educated to get it and
use it--not that it doesn't have value, it just isn't well exposed and you
will only get stats from the most clueful users.

I would suggest making anonymized stat upload part of the install and
upgrade process, to get wider coverage.

- When installing, there's a new step or checkbox with an opt-in for
hardware data sharing, defaulting to off
- If you opt in, your info is uploaded as part of the install process
- Expose the same functionality in a new system-level command like
'freebsd-uploadstats' and make it an optional but suggested part of the
upgrade process, which is something most users will see repeatedly if they
continue to be users.

Perhaps the local machine can generate a hash of the report, check that
with the server before the upload goes through. Hardware doesn't change
that often.

I do not want the project to turn in to Google or Microsoft, but knowing
the hardware in use is a pretty worthy goal.


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