Common Desktop Environment broken when compiling from ports tree on FreeBSD 12 RC3 (May also apply to the final build)

Justin Hibbits jhibbits at
Mon Dec 17 02:21:25 UTC 2018

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 01:54:22 +0000
Mark Linimon <linimon at> wrote:

> If we are talking powerpc32 and not powerpc64 (as I assumed), the one
> developer continuing to actively work on it is jhibbits at .  Perhaps he
> can give you a status report.
> mcl

I really wish people would stop saying "XXX is dying".  It's an
overused trope (See all the "Netcraft confirms" memes).  Yes, there are
no new powerpc32 devices being produced, but there is still a lot of
life left in old macs. Personally, I haven't been keeping up on
powerpc32 for a while, but not much has happened in driver-land, and
I've been focusing my 32-bit efforts on the Book-E world, which still
does have some life to it, and will continue to exist for at least
another 7 years due to NXP's product longevity program.  Doesn't mean
there will be new devices made around them, but they will continue to

Although the vast majority of powerpc effort as of late has been in the
powerpc64 port, my Book-E efforts on the 32-bit side have been on the
powerpcspe port.  It's still 32-bit, and anything that would generally
affect 32-bit will affect powerpcspe, so any bugs fixed for powerpcspe
should fix general powerpc.

We are bringing 64-bit package builders online in the FreeBSD cluster,
and as you probably know, 64-bit powerpc can run 32-bit binaries just
fine.  So, when the builders are stable, we might add 32-bit jails as
well to crank out packages.  That said, don't expect that any time
soon.  32-bit powerpc will never be Tier 1, and very well may go away
in the next 10-15 years, but I will not claim to predict the future on
it.  powerpc64 is headed in the direction of Tier 1, but that's still a
long crawl itself.

Alex, if you find bugs, please file bug reports so they can at least be
tracked.  You can try to build the broken ports either by deleting the
BROKEN line in the Makefile, or through some poudriere or make variable
trickery (don't recall how in either case off-hand).  That would let us
at least know why it's broken.

And, yes, I am generally considered the keeper of all things powerpc,
and a strong advocate of such.  I really should get my PowerMac G4, and
PowerBooks (yes, plural) up to latest head, but have little time, so it
becomes lower priority until needed.

- Justin

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