Common Desktop Environment broken when compiling from ports tree on FreeBSD 12 RC3 (May also apply to the final build)

Mark Linimon linimon at
Mon Dec 17 01:39:54 UTC 2018

On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 06:12:35PM -0700, Alan Somers wrote:
> As for powerpc on tier 1, I'm afraid that it's not likely to ever
> happen.  Powerpc is dying.  If anybody were buying new ppc hardware,
> then it would be a different story.  But I predict that powerpc is
> likely to be dropped than to go Tier 1.  Sorry.

Thank you for discouraging me and the other folks working on powerpc64.

New systems with Power9 are being sold by a company called Raptor
Systems in Round Rock, Texas.  Several developers have them, and others
(including me) have them on order.

I have been working on bringing powerpc64 ports up to parity for quite
some time.  If you are not aware of the effort that myself, and many
others, have been putting in, then you are obviously not reading the
svnports@ list, and should not be speaking as an authority.

src work on supporting P8 and P9 is also in very active development.

Please try to keep up with the development situation for a plaform
before posting about it.  Frankly, I find your post insulting.


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