when the sshd hits the fan

Alan Somers asomers at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 23 15:23:45 UTC 2015

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 3:57 AM, Doug Hardie <bc979 at lafn.org> wrote:
>> On 23 September 2015, at 01:44, Eugene M. Zheganin <emz at norma.perm.ru> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm trying to understand why the sshd still starts after local daemons,
>> out-of-the-box, and what it takes to make this extremely vital service
>> to start before non-system (local) ones. I bet I'm not the first one to
>> ask, so why isn't this already done ? Seems quite easy for me.
> The fix is quite simple:  Add
> # BEFORE: mail
> to /etc/rc.d/sshd
> I tried to submit a PR on that about a year ago, but it never seemed to make it into the PR system.  Many of my servers are remote and if there is an issue with a port, I still need a way into the system other than driving for hours.  This works.  Sshd is started early in the sequence and I can at least ssh into the server.  It won’t help though if there is a syntax error in /etc/rc.conf.  Those are pretty much fatal.

This technique works.  But if you use it, then before you reboot,
remember to run "rcorder /etc/rc.d/* /usr/local/etc/rc.d/*" and make
sure there aren't any errors about "Circular dependency".  If there
are, then the service startup order is almost guaranteed to be
something you don't want.


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