HEADS-UP: PCI ID driver conflict with ahd(4) and pms(4)

Kurt Jaeger pi at opsec.eu
Fri Jul 31 07:20:53 UTC 2015


> prior to the releng/10.2 branch), please exercise caution when upgrading
> to the latest stable/10 or releng/10.2 if your storage controller
> matches any of the following PCI device IDs:

Which field of pciconf -lvb or sysctl output needs to be compared ?

Is it the device= field ?

dev.atapci.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x1002 device=0x439c subvendor=0x15d9 subdevice=0xa711 class=0x01018a

>  0x0100
>  0x0101
>  0x0102

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