10.2-RELEASE status update

Glen Barber gjb at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jul 30 19:20:29 UTC 2015

The 10.2-RC2 builds will begin in just under 5 hours.

At this time, re@ is no longer accepting commit request approvals to the
releng/10.2 branch, however a last-minute issue was discovered with the
pms(4) driver for PMC Sierra SAS/SATA HBA cards that is currently being

It is unclear if we will need 10.2-RC3 at this point.  The 10.2-RELEASE
schedule on the website will be updated as appropriate.  In the
meantime, the schedule has been updated to account for the lack of the
BETA3 build.

The schedule as it stands now is:

 RC2 build starts:        July 31, 2015
 RC3 build starts:        August 7, 2015 [*]
 RELEASE build starts:    August 14, 2015
 RELEASE announcement:    August 17, 2015
 [*]  - If needed

The schedule is also available at:



On behalf of:	re@

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