local_unbound & chroot

Ferdinand Goldmann ferdinand.goldmann at jku.at
Fri Jul 24 09:09:58 UTC 2015


I’ve made the experience that enabling local_unbound does not play too well
if I am using a chroot’ed unbound environment like chroot: “/var/unbound” in 
the configuration file.

In particular, there is no way to automatically mount a devfs and create a link
to the syslog socket. Also, the local_unbound service script expects a PID file
in /var/run/local_unbound.pid. So you have to create a symlink to 
/var/unbound/unbound.pid as well.

For the time being, I’ve added a few lines to the local_unbound script which do just
that. But maybe it would be a good idea to offer this possibility via an extra
rc.conf variable, like local_unbound_chroot?

Also, I’ve noticed that it is not possible to raise the number of threads above 1,
as this seems to use more file descriptors than the builtin mini-event library can

Kind regards,

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