cannot compile net/mosquitto port 10.1-STABLE

Beat Siegenthaler beat.siegenthaler at
Mon Jul 20 11:32:52 UTC 2015


Am 2015-07-20 7:25, schrieb Olli Hauer: 

> Hi Beat,
> it is possible mosquitto builds against an older lib or header that is not up to date.
> Can you run the following [1] create a backup
> $ cd empyy_space 
> $ pkg create mosquitto
> Now remove the old.mosquotto package if you have a baxkup.and try to build.the new version.

Ok, found it (partially) 

rebuilt libxslt cmake and python27 did not solve the problem.
The old mosquitto version itself seeed to be the problem. 
then: make deinstall / make install was a success. 

normally i use portmaster, or years ago portupgrade for this tasks and
it is very rarely that this is not working... 

regards, Beat 


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