problem with geli and LSI controller

Marc UBM ubm.freebsd at
Sun Jul 19 15:34:36 UTC 2015

Hi all,

a few weeks ago our Highpoint Rocket Raid controller (hptrr) started
biting the dust (spurious channel resets). We bought a LSI 9201-16i
(mps) to replace it. Connected to the hptrr were 4 external e-sata
enclosures, configured in JBOD mode. Together with two disks connected
to the onboard SATA controller, this formed a geli encrypted raidz-2
Just now, I connected the disks to the mps controller. They show
up fine in dmesg. The problem is, when trying to attach the disks
formerly connected to the hptrr controller, geli is unable to find the
metadata on the disks and errors out with:

"geli: Cannot read metadata from /dev/da4: Invalid argument"

gpart show says "gpart: No such geom: da4"

Trying to restore the geli metadata gives:
"geli: Provider size mismatch: wrong backup file?"

Is it possible that the hptrr controller handled the disks in some
special way and it's only possible to read them there?


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