FreeBSD 10.1 Memory Exhaustion

Philip Murray pmurray at
Wed Jul 15 22:05:57 UTC 2015

> On 13/07/2015, at 11:58 pm, Karl Denninger <karl at> wrote:
> Put this on your box and see if the problem goes away.... :-)

Is there a concise explanation of why this hasn’t been merged into -CURRENT? 

I know there are concerns that it isn’t the proper fix, but I can’t find any discussion of the
argument against it. Only people with positive reports about it fixing people’s problems.

Sorry if this keeps getting asked but I couldn’t find a good reason why not documented 
anywhere, which could form a reason not to use the patch in certain situations.

(I have about 24TB about to go into production on ZFS, so I’m particularly interested in it)



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