netisr issues

Mark Saad nonesuch at
Mon Mar 11 14:42:18 UTC 2013

 I am looking for some guidance on how to turn netisr back on, on a
9.1-RELEASE and 9.1-STABLE box. It looks it stopped working as it did in
prior versions of FreeBSD .
I tested this on 9.1-RELEASE and  9.1-STABLE #0 r247804 built last monday.

My question is this. If I enable the direct option in boot/loader.conf via

I do not get any expected result.

root at chambers:~ # sysctl 0
root at chambers:~ # sysctl net.isr.direct_force
net.isr.direct_force: 0

root at chambers:~ # netstat -Q
Setting                        Current        Limit
Thread count                         1            1
Default queue limit                256        10240
Dispatch policy                 direct          n/a
Threads bound to CPUs         disabled          n/a


Am I missing something ?

mark saad | nonesuch at

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