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> Hello,


> Since FreeBSD 9.1 I have strange problems with the distribution. Some
> servers are rebooting without any kernel panic, instanly. First i
> thought it's a problem with my KVM system, but one of my FreeBSD under a
> Dell R210 have the same problem.
> The servers concerned are now:
> - Monitoring server
> - LDAP test server
> - Some other servers, randomly (not in production).
> First i thought it's a problem with my FreeBSD install, then i download
> another time the ISO but the problem was already here. After i try
> another thing, install 9.0 and upgrade to 9.1 but same problem.
> How can i get informations about this problem ?
I've had similar issues with one of my FreeBSD systems. My system had
spontaneous reboots without any kernel panic, without any clear evidence of
why it happened.

After a lot of trials and tests the root cause appeared to be the amount of
ZFS snapshots I had, which were more than 1K on a 8G system.

Upgrading from 9.0 to 9.1 didn't solve the issue, as clearly I had to do
some cleanup of the ZFS snapshots and since then it's more than a month
without any reboots.

Few pointers that you could use -- get these systems monitored and keep an
eye on the monitoring system -- CPU usage, memory, processes, network
traffic, etc.. I've noticed that my system was running low on free memory
and that later led me to the ZFS snapshots clue.

So, my advise is to get first these systems monitored and watch for
anything unusual happening. Then further investigate.

Good luck.


> Thanks for advance.
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> Best regards,
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> UNIX Systems, Security and Networks
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