Ghosted logins in w/who

Ronald Klop ronald-freebsd8 at
Wed Apr 10 14:43:33 UTC 2013

On Wed, 10 Apr 2013 16:09:52 +0200, <damonray at> wrote:

> If I wipe the utmp file all the w/who content goes away, resets if you
> will. But in a matter of moments the problem reappears.. is this
> something that needs to be submitted as a bug report do you think?
> Thanks!
> Damon

Did you upgrade correctly? Did you also ran make delete-old and make  
delete-old-libs? And did you rebuild all ports after that?
Some things might use the old stuff still.


> On 4/9/2013 at 9:42 AM, "Fabian Wenk"  wrote:Hello Daniel
> On 09.04.2013 12:07, Daniel Braniss wrote:
>> something changed beteen 8 and 9 with respect of handling of utmp,
>> I tried to research this but got bogged down with other things.
> According to /usr/src/UPDATING:
> 20100113:
>   The utmp user accounting database has been replaced with utmpx,
>   the user accounting interface standardized by POSIX.
>   Unfortunately the semantics of utmp and utmpx don't match,
>   making it practically impossible to support both interfaces.
>   The user accounting database is used by tools like finger(1),
>   last(1), talk(1), w(1) and ac(8).
>   All applications in the base system use utmpx.  This means only
>   local binaries (e.g. from the ports tree) may still use these
>   utmp database files.  These applications must be rebuilt to make
>   use of utmpx.
>   After the system has been upgraded, it is safe to remove the old
>   log files (/var/run/utmp, /var/log/lastlog and /var/log/wtmp*),
>   assuming their contents is of no importance anymore.  Old wtmp
>   databases can only be used by last(1) and ac(8) after they have
>   been converted to the new format using wtmpcvt(1).
> Could this have any impact regarding this issue with telnet login?
> bye
> Fabian
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