Ghosted logins in w/who

damonray at damonray at
Wed Apr 10 14:40:01 UTC 2013

If I wipe the utmp file all the w/who content goes away, resets if you
will. But in a matter of moments the problem reappears.. is this
something that needs to be submitted as a bug report do you think?

On 4/9/2013 at 9:42 AM, "Fabian Wenk"  wrote:Hello Daniel

On 09.04.2013 12:07, Daniel Braniss wrote:
> something changed beteen 8 and 9 with respect of handling of utmp,
> I tried to research this but got bogged down with other things.

According to /usr/src/UPDATING:

  The utmp user accounting database has been replaced with utmpx,
  the user accounting interface standardized by POSIX.
  Unfortunately the semantics of utmp and utmpx don't match,
  making it practically impossible to support both interfaces.
  The user accounting database is used by tools like finger(1),
  last(1), talk(1), w(1) and ac(8).

  All applications in the base system use utmpx.  This means only
  local binaries (e.g. from the ports tree) may still use these
  utmp database files.  These applications must be rebuilt to make
  use of utmpx.

  After the system has been upgraded, it is safe to remove the old
  log files (/var/run/utmp, /var/log/lastlog and /var/log/wtmp*),
  assuming their contents is of no importance anymore.  Old wtmp
  databases can only be used by last(1) and ac(8) after they have
  been converted to the new format using wtmpcvt(1).
Could this have any impact regarding this issue with telnet login?
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