Eugene M. Zheganin eugene at
Fri Aug 17 12:48:01 UTC 2012


On 17.08.2012 14:44, Gabor Radnai wrote:
> Sorry the content of original mail I replied to was missed. For
> clarity here it is:
> [...]
> My reply again then:
> Unfortunately I am a less experienced user so no clue how to disable
> GEOM_RAID but i am hit by this issue. My zfs setup is totally messed up.
> Would appreciate if you could share the trick.
> Additionally: building a new kernel solves the issue naturally but is there
> anything more convenient solution? What is your trick?
Your choice could be:

- boot old kernel (even 8.x), compile a new one without GEOM_RAID and 
install/boot it
- take the LiveCD, boot it, copy a kernel from the network without a 
GEOM_RAID instead your kernel
- use usb stick with an installed FreeBSD (it must be using 
GEOM_RAID-free kernel) in order to do the same thing

I did the thing with usb stick.
There's also a way to clear the GEOM_RAID metadata from your disks, but 
I didn't manage how to do this (asked a couple of questions here though) 
so I won't be giving any advice about it.


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