libmilter broken in FreeBSD8 ?

Ferdinand Goldmann ferdinand.goldmann at
Fri Aug 17 09:37:31 UTC 2012


I've been using a mail setup consisting of sendmail, milter-ahead, milter-greylist
and MIMEDefang running on FreeBSD for years.

Recently I installed a new server running FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p3. To my bewilderment,
I am now running into problems with milter-ahead and milter-greylist, as they do
not see the macros that sendmail should hand them via the milter interface anymore.
(Like client_resolve, rcpt_host, and so on ...).

To sort things out, I've setup both a FreeBSD 7 and a FreeBSD 8 test installation.
I am using the _exact_ _same_ _configuration_ in both test installations (basically
the same I am using on my FreeBSD 7 production servers).
To my even bigger bewilderment, the milters work as expected on FreeBSD 7, while they
fail on FreeBSD 8.

Debugging information suggests that the milters are handed empty variables on FreeBSD 8:
rcpt_host='' rcpt_mailer=''

Has anyone experienced similiar problems? I find it hard to believe that this seems
to be suddenly broken ...?

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