Who is responsible for Heimdal/Kerberos in FreeBSD

Rick Macklem rmacklem at uoguelph.ca
Thu Aug 2 23:31:07 UTC 2012

Attila Bogar wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm repeating my last month request.
> Who is responsible for Heimdal/Kerberos or GSSAPI/NFS in FreeBSD?
My understanding of the workings of the FreeBSD project is that no one
holds responsibility for any given part of the source tree. I do a fair
amount of work (all volunteer for $0.00) on the NFS parts, but others do
good work on this part of the source tree as well. The GASSAPI/Kerberos
code in the kernel RPC is largely tangential to the NFS code, although
the NFS code makes use of it.

I am not aware of anyone currently doing work on the Heimdal/Kerberos
code, but if I'm wrong on this, hopefully someone will correct me.

> I got a working NFSv3/Kerberos over UDP for EL6 nfs clients, but
> suddenly I'm experiencing NFS I/O errors on high load/small files,
> which
> I think are due to the buggy/old heimdal in FreeBSD.
If you have the time/expertise to come up with good patches for the
code and are willing to donate these to the project, I'd suggest you
either post the patches or attach them to a bug report.

Please remember that almost all work on FreeBSD is done by volunteers
in their spare time, rick.

> NFS+Kerberos with EL6 over TCP is broken anyway.
> Attila
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