Who is responsible for Heimdal/Kerberos in FreeBSD

Attila Bogár attila.bogar at linguamatics.com
Thu Aug 2 23:46:31 UTC 2012

Hi Rick,

On 03/08/12 00:30, Rick Macklem wrote:
> If you have the time/expertise to come up with good patches for the 
> code and are willing to donate these to the project, I'd suggest you 
> either post the patches or attach them to a bug report. Please 
> remember that almost all work on FreeBSD is done by volunteers in 
> their spare time, rick.
I reported PR164933 early this year with a patch, but unfortunately no 
one responded.

I've attached the patch against 9-STABLE now.
Please review.

I found also other problems with NFS reliability (can reproduce 
consistently) - will discuss tomorrow on freebsd-fs.


PS: Sorry about the language (ESL) of my letter, I'd like to contribute 
if I can.

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