diskless booting with 8.2 regression?

Gerrit Kühn gerrit at pmp.uni-hannover.de
Mon Jul 18 10:58:11 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I just updated my nfs/tftp server for diskless booting from 8.0-rel to
8.2-stable. I have a bunch of Linux clients that used to work with the
8.0-setup, but fail to boot now.

On the server side I see

Jul 18 11:18:24 mclane tftpd[72434]: Got ERROR packet: TFTP Aborted

in the log/messages, but the Linux kernel appears to be transferred over
the net just fine (so this is probably not the real issue). It starts to
boot and fails at some later point (with no apparent error message on
screen) causing an endless reboot loop.
I already googled for quite some time on this now, but nothing useful
came up. The error message above seems to be harmless, at least the
machines of people reporting them work nevertheless.

Are there any known issues/regressions with tftp/nfs diskless booting? I
read in some posts that people were vaguely "having problems" with it when
updating to 8.2-something, but could not find any details. Are there any
further hints what I could do to narrow down the problem?


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