NFS related include files and make delete-old

Hans Ottevanger hans at
Tue Jul 5 20:32:14 UTC 2011

On Tue, Jul 05, 2011 at 01:53:37PM -0400, Rick Macklem wrote:
> > 
> Having said that, to the best of my knowledge (I looked a while back),
> nothing in /usr/src outside of the kernel includes them. Also, I can't
> think of any reason why a third party app. would have any use for what
> is in them. As such, I doubt it matters if they exist under /usr/include
> or where they end up.
> Do you have software that includes either of these files?
> If so, I would like to hear whay that software is and why it includes
> them. (Even bootstraps for diskless NFS root systems shouldn't need
> what's in them, as far as I understand how it works.)

No Rick, I do not have any code that uses the internals of the NFS
implementation, neither am I aware of any other software doing that.
There could be some in the ports collection, but even a quick scan
there yields nothing obvious.

My interest in this matter stems mainly from stumbling over the same
headers to be deleted during every make delete-old.

Kind regards,

Hans Ottevanger

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