NFS related include files and make delete-old

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Tue Jul 5 17:53:58 UTC 2011

> At this moment make installworld only installs the headers in the new
> location,
> on both 8/stable and head/current. On 8/stable they are immediately
> removed
> again when running make delete-old, because they are in
> On head/current they are left alone, they are not in
> (i.e. not anymore).
> If the files at the old location are still there, it is as a leftover
> from
> previous installations. On a freshly installed /usr/include hierarchy
> they
> will be missing.
Yes. I am working on MFC'ing the patch (r221333) to stable/8 so that it
doesn't delete the ones in /usr/include/nfs.

Having said that, to the best of my knowledge (I looked a while back),
nothing in /usr/src outside of the kernel includes them. Also, I can't
think of any reason why a third party app. would have any use for what
is in them. As such, I doubt it matters if they exist under /usr/include
or where they end up.

Do you have software that includes either of these files?

If so, I would like to hear whay that software is and why it includes
them. (Even bootstraps for diskless NFS root systems shouldn't need
what's in them, as far as I understand how it works.)

> > I felt that they should remain in the old location for backwards
> > compatibility.
> > (The "userland" contents of the two copies are identical, so it
> > shouldn't matter
> >  which copy any userland app includes. One problem here is that I
> >  have no idea
> >  if any software outside of /usr/src includes these.)
> >
> I can confirm that the copies are identical (if they are present),
> apart from
> version control information. I think that you have to install the
> copies explicitly
> if you want them to be there, also on a fresh installs, for
> compatibility with
> 8.2-RELEASE and earlier. I would only do that for 8/stable, if at all.
> > > Could it be that either the wrong files are specified in
> > > /usr/src/ or the headers are installed in the
> > > wrong
> > > directory during make installworld?
> > >
> > > On my 9.0-CURRENT systems I also have the headers at both
> > > locations,
> > > but there only those in /usr/include/nfsclient get reinstalled and
> > > there is no entry in /usr/src/
> > >
> > Actually, only the ones in /usr/include/nfs should get updated,
> > because they
> > now live in sys/nfs and not sys/nfsclient. I plan on adding an entry
> > to
> > in head/current for the /usr/include/nfsclient
> > ones.
> > (Thanks for the reminder w.r.t. this.)
> >
> Even as a relative outsider to the FreeBSD project I am all for it. I
> don't
> know the schedule for 9.0, but if anything breaks (e.g. in ports, not
> in /usr/src)
> it had better break now.
> > Should I MFC this to stable/8?
> > (I had assumed that I should leave them in
> > the old location for backwards compatibility and therefore wasn't
> > going to
> > MFC deletion of them in /usr/include/nfsclient. If I MFC that, the
> > entries
> > for them in for /usr/include/nfs need to be
> > deleted, so
> > they remain in the new location.)
> >
> It would save you the effort of finding a way to actually install the
> copies
> at the old location. However, in a sense it would change the API, and
> I do not
> know how the keepers of the code tree think about that 8-)
> And, as already explained above, there is already an antry in
> on
> stable/8, but probably for the wrong directory.
> Kind regards,
> Hans Ottevanger
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