dell latitude 13

Zoran Kolic zkolic at
Sat Jul 2 14:16:12 UTC 2011

Thanks for answering my question.

> Since the Intel chip is also still unsupported by FreeBSD, you will be
> limited to VEDA support which is very limited.

I found that dell sells ubuntu on mentioned laptop in some parts
of the globe. Further, my old laptop (HP nx9020) has intel chip
and works under intel driver. I need simple 2d, no frills. Does
newer chip run for plain graphics at all? No acceleration? Fine.
I don't use it neither on my NVIDIA GeForce 6200 card with "nv"

> For laptops you may check the following site :

Old and no newer machines on the site.

> Also check FreeBSD Hardware lists such as

Intel 5100 wifi should work with "device iwn5000fw" or "5150"?

> It is NOT possible to know in advance without any prior knowledge whether a
> computer is working with FreeDOS will work with FreeBSD because these are
> very different systems .

It is sold with freedos to be cheap enough. I appreciate that.

> The producer/seller can install FreeBSD or Linux without cost

Not where I live. When I bought my previous laptop, live cd was the
guide if it worked at all. It is a matter of "buy it as it is" now.
More, no cd on latitude 13, which is fine, since it keeps it at
3 lb.

My two fears are acpi and graphics 4500mhd. I found links that show
4500 supported.
If the list thinks I should wait, it is a metter of adding the code
as on this link:
Best regards all


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