Removing all ZFS support from boot process

Mark Powell M.S.Powell at
Fri Feb 11 10:33:27 UTC 2011

On Fri, 11 Feb 2011, Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> This is before the kernel boots, correct?


> Can you take a picture of where it hangs? (you will have to host it 
> somewhere though, as the list will reject non text attachments).

Here you go:

   The spinning char can seemingly be in any position when it crashes. It 
took 5 attempts that time to get to the beastie menu.

> I suspect it's in the loader and quite possibly it's your BIOS that is 
> at fault, or at the very least there is a nasty interaction with it.
> Is there an update for the BIOS? Does this happen on other hardware?

   I suspected BIOS, that's why I was going to get a new motherboard. I've 
always had problems getting gptzfsboot working on this hardware and there 
are no more BIOS updates now. That's why I have ufs root, as it only 
worked intermitantly.
   Then I wondered what the hell was going on in the loader that took >60s 
and seemingly touched every drive. I assumed it was FBSD that was tasting 
all the drives.

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