if_rtdel: error 47

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Wed Sep 1 22:55:32 UTC 2010

At 06:19 PM 9/1/2010, Li, Qing wrote:
>Without seeing your mpd link configuration, I am guessing the IP address
>of all of
>the local end points of your ppp links is the same IP address. If that's
>the case,
>the error message is harmless.

         Thanks for looking!  Yes, they are the same.  However, I 
dont see this error on the other box which does not have ipv6 
negotiation on the line (set bundle enable ipv6cp).  Only since 
enabling ipv6 negotiation and oddly enough only after a few days did 
the error start happening.

# Create clonable bundle template named B
         create bundle template B
         set iface idle 1800
         set iface enable tcpmssfix
         set ipcp disable vjcomp
         set bundle enable ipv6cp
         set ipcp deny vjcomp
         set ipcp ranges xx.yy.zz.6/32 ippool pool1
         #set ipcp nbns
# Set bundle template to use
         create link template L l2tp
         set l2tp disable dataseq
         set link action bundle B
# Enable peer authentication
         set link disable eap
         set link enable pap
         set link disable acfcomp
         set link disable protocomp
         set link disable check-magic
         set link deny acfcomp
         set link keep-alive 10 60
         set link deny protocomp
         load radius
         set link mtu 1492
         set link mru 1492
         set link enable incoming
         set link disable peer-as-calling

I also noticed that the odd time I see as a result of

ifconfig: ioctl(SIOCGIFAFLAG_IN6): Device not configured
ifconfig: ioctl(SIOCGIFINFO_IN6): Device not configured

The other issue I noticed was that the link local ipv6 stopped 
working on a test machine.
pinging the multicast address on the local link stopped working for some reason
ie  ping ff02::1%ng155
stopped working on a machine I was testing just the day 
before.  Killing the l2tp session and having it reconnect fixed the issue.

OK, another issue I am seeing. The routing table seems to have "junk" 
in it.  eg

link#84                        UHS         0        0  16384 
link#85                        U           0        0   1448 
(H<E9><BF><BF>x~^F(<A6>l^N(<80>SL^G<A0>V     (<A0>`
link#85                        UHS         0        0  16384 

I will send a you a full copy offlist


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