if_rtdel: error 47

Li, Qing qing.li at bluecoat.com
Wed Sep 1 23:24:54 UTC 2010

> Hi,
>          Thanks for looking!  Yes, they are the same.  However, I
> dont see this error on the other box which does not have ipv6
> negotiation on the line (set bundle enable ipv6cp).  Only since
> enabling ipv6 negotiation and oddly enough only after a few days did
> the error start happening.

   I went through the change history and noticed I made the
   following changelist for IPv4, 


   Maybe related and something similar needs to be done for IPv6 ...
> The other issue I noticed was that the link local ipv6 stopped
> working on a test machine.
> eg
> pinging the multicast address on the local link stopped working for
> some reason
> ie  ping ff02::1%ng155
> stopped working on a machine I was testing just the day
> before.  Killing the l2tp session and having it reconnect fixed the
> issue.

  Nothing obvious comes to mind at the moment.

> OK, another issue I am seeing. The routing table seems to have "junk"
> in it.  eg

  That explains the errno = 47, EAFNOSUPPORT.

  I also noticed in your routing table output that all of entries
  that have junk are related to the ng interface.

  -- Qing

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