Support for Areca ARC-1300-4X on 8-STABLE?

Paul Mather paul at
Wed Nov 24 03:57:16 UTC 2010

Does anyone know whether the Areca ARC-1300-4X external SAS HBA is currently supported under FreeBSD/amd64 8-STABLE?  I just fired up a system that has one of these cards that is running 8.0-RELEASE and the HBA is not being detected properly by FreeBSD.  (It is being misidentified by the arcmsr driver.)  I'm hoping that once I upgrade from 8.0-RELEASE to a contemporary 8-STABLE that it'll be supported.  I found a posting on the Web that indicated a driver would be available in the first quarter of 2010 (

I'm really hoping I can use this card, though I'm somewhat discouraged by the fact that the Areca Web site lists only drivers for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X for this particular model. :-(



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