How to get suspend/resume work on IBM T60?

Bruce Cran bruce at
Tue Nov 16 14:12:25 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 16 November 2010 04:20:17 Yue Wu wrote:

> I'm using FreeBSD stable on IBM T60, `acpiconf -s 3` can let T60 into
> suspend mode, but then it can't be waked up anyhow.
> so my question is, anyone use FreeBSD on IBM T60 and make the
> suspend/resume work on it?

According to whitelist.c in the linux suspend package, the T60 needs "s3 bios" 
and "s3 mode" for the video to work on resume, which I don't think has been 

When the system has come back from being suspended, does the keyboard still 
work? At least on my laptop everything works except the backlight doesn't get 
turned back on.

Bruce Cran

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