7.3-RC2 Available...

Ken Smith kensmith at buffalo.edu
Thu Mar 4 14:16:08 UTC 2010

The third and what should be last of the test builds for the 7.3-RELEASE
cycle, 7.3-RC2, is available for amd64, i386, pc98, and sparc64
architectures.  The target schedule as well as the current status of the
release is available here:


The schedule has slipped by a bit over a week so the actual target for
the release announcement is really about a week and a half from now.  If
you notice problems you can report them through the normal Gnats PR
system or on the freebsd-stable mailing list.

There are known issues with the Radeon video driver that have caused
some people problems.  The problems have been nebulous enough that we
have decided to not hold up the release due to that specific issue.  At
the point that driver has stabilized it will be handled as an Errata
Notice.  So far that is the only big problem we've been tracking as part
of the release that has not been resolved in one way or another.

ISO images for the architectures listed above are available on the FTP
mirror sites.  Packages were included for amd64 and i386 architectures
that were taken from the set built for the release
(packages-7.3-release) and most likely reflects the set that will be
provided with the release itself.  Packages were not provided for the
other architectures in the ISO images.

If you are using csup/cvsup methods to update an older system the branch
tag to use is RELENG_7_3.

The freebsd-update(8) utility supports binary upgrades of i386 and amd64
systems running earlier FreeBSD releases.  Systems running 7.1-RELEASE
7.2-RELEASE, 7.3-BETA1, or 7.3-RC1 can upgrade as follows:
# freebsd-update upgrade -r 7.3-RC2

During this process, FreeBSD Update may ask the user to help by merging
some configuration files or by confirming that the automatically
performed merging was done correctly.
# freebsd-update install

The system must be rebooted with the newly installed kernel before

# shutdown -r now
After rebooting, freebsd-update needs to be run again to install the new
userland components, and the system needs to be rebooted again:

# freebsd-update install
# shutdown -r now

Users of earlier FreeBSD releases (FreeBSD 6.x) can also use
freebsd-update to upgrade to FreeBSD 7.3-RC2, but will be prompted to
rebuild all third-party applications (e.g., anything installed from the
ports tree) after the second invocation of "freebsd-update install", in
order to handle differences in the system libraries between FreeBSD 6.x
and FreeBSD 7.x.


MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 36c4d133526ad66e307d27447f52376e
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-disc1.iso) = 66ea415f7c4253cfc447fd279f6bf178
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-disc2.iso) = d5756876ec48e30e674076d5379ba1cd
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-disc3.iso) = bfb22e2f44a65d47101f176bf3775950
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-docs.iso) = 825213e43710a84f85821bbf58742538
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-dvd1.iso) = 91bcd1ce77f2388e3ea8ad2309fa229f
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-livefs.iso) = f9b71b20c17646e3cf230e8deeb34e02

MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-bootonly.iso) = 74b648f7018aa35ac8d8b08e5296d2bc
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-disc1.iso) = f47158c8a6265213d43652edf2e0314d
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-disc2.iso) = 8535cf1ea75b75aa65b3b3a6f1d451f1
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-disc3.iso) = 9c8e3e71a046690bee8c67061f7dbd05
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-docs.iso) = 2be6491f0d19eff64110cb6e34bc10d8
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-dvd1.iso) = 97647b3f0232a0cdaa0d11f88552132d
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-livefs.iso) = 7cc44a0cd63af59215fd23ce8123103e

MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-pc98-bootonly.iso) = 0a7fa094fdade9855e420c55d93cb3d8
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-pc98-disc1.iso) = bf2ac28c5bb28a7881cb53dd2f8640a5
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-pc98-livefs.iso) = 6b1b4ead5f552690c626871bb04c5002

MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = f844c766bac4473b3477edda06828d5f
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-disc1.iso) = 0af0227bb90f7faa23b39e66d3b89ecf
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-disc2.iso) = 637fb946b3d7cbb72b82a1d469d5735c
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-disc3.iso) = 1224f546b78aafdce4f9352636c6b07b
MD5 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-docs.iso) = 738a549ee8c2d6a21b7d9cc864b07842

SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 26f2dafd7d990e1a359445b9cdcf119dfa824f493d119fa250de9ab1deac6af6
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-disc1.iso) = 668687e8fe0622482d696d806acb4c867bc41d9bf4b2071d9eb15ee377672720
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-disc2.iso) = 8cea908115f11eaafd1fb78f68e08cdadd11dd3617fe4750d8743c105384e386
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-disc3.iso) = 2d294321812a73e26b1b7c472b84727bac2f17d334b3c69dc0419f06bf1ab83a
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-docs.iso) = 2a165e5b8cc66fac8e7b93cc4f62f216bc300e13f4200ba5227eeae0c65e5aee
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-dvd1.iso) = 63e5aa48e4e3a18b36e2b92fe840ef5d6212e3aa19aa1b290ed2edcf6ccc2779
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-amd64-livefs.iso) = 8032e740d3064a0c1011182f8ce783c2bbae8c8b56fa6e9a730c5857f808e692

SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-bootonly.iso) = 7550dd764327ec8605eaa9f77c7c76a7b29bd709cee273100837f06c0f940997
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-disc1.iso) = f5e7198bae889825e929ae1e3f63d9da92b555fc982a9ac9d93d4cc66091505e
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-disc2.iso) = c3f47da34f33787bf86c38ffe22bb5202ea1d9f298448c55a3daf106dffb3578
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-disc3.iso) = 00974ef1f74169cb5b4fdeb4dd04c0a10c5df675a185e8b3ba41719c5983dbfb
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-docs.iso) = 5eb086a291d545a5518a51f28248b9fa35f166338eeeca701b332e8fb4618a97
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-dvd1.iso) = d5feab36c98da0a78926316deb3a702fecfaf1154777da5c3c36753b8c22673d
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-i386-livefs.iso) = 79fd8bf491ec715e133f0f24e8df8afc5be67bc6327d9a4c3dbd7f9c36cb7f88

SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-pc98-bootonly.iso) = 60e3c9a3c38cd61aa55c7b10c3bba87e9939d8ae72646473566632e8f2bdddd3
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-pc98-disc1.iso) = 96d8643c87e4fef99faa1a132b5def2f0dc45341837ec4a05e84ffa63a029523
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-pc98-livefs.iso) = 94917e2104c9002599b7dce7c82aaff413852971d86e1b170833ad6004bd92c8

SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = 2b4e1b5ec1c0442dc05ec5c25ca88e4cb3971fc48e8cd325646a07f3a517fb8b
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-disc1.iso) = 0ee98564151a077c1233ed3681dbb9517ff375a3baee7c8d269a9f33e30519b7
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-disc2.iso) = 390be0e347d599ef789f5da567ec40580088db42b9a18580da672a781c2d9bea
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-disc3.iso) = 1c8ac66d90a08d0fb9eeb5d05b3ccce501d477b70384663f7ee4513f14835d53
SHA256 (FreeBSD-7.3-RC2-sparc64-docs.iso) = a0376f49693d791ec5356f9ac2bd3132010fa6e0d548545cc7757ff59a8f5b2e

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