7.2-RC2 Install Feedback

Jon Loeliger jdl at jdl.com
Thu Apr 30 14:29:24 UTC 2009


Just FYI-ish, yesterday I made a 7.2-RC2 bootonly CD and
successfully installed it on an i386.

There was one weirdness with the "www" packages menu
where it wouldn't display the package name properly.
It looked like some odd form of line wrapping that started
at the right-most column and then was off-by a line such
that it (maybe?) overwrote itself on the next line.
It looked OK if you scrolled all the way to the bottom
and then scrolled back up.

Also, I banged my head against problems installing emacs
(aborted with error -1), until I finally realized that
xemacs-21.4 was already installed.  I think there was some
form of conflict (?) that prevented two versions from
being installed.  Seemed odd to me in any event, and not
very evident why the (package) install was being rejected.


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