Freebsd 7.2-RC boot problem

Paulo Fragoso paulo at
Mon Apr 27 17:11:03 UTC 2009

Em 27/04/2009 12:05, Ken Smith escreveu:
> On Mon, 2009-04-27 at 11:03 -0300, Paulo Fragoso wrote:
>> I can't boot on cdrom sata, this problem doesn't exist in older releases.
>> My motherboard is
>> Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2
>> On FreeBSD 7.1 my cdrom drive is detected this way:
>> acd0: DVDR <HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GH22NS30/1.01> at ata3-master SATA150
> Just checking - is *everything* the same?  For example is the media the
> same?  Depending on a variety of things I've had issues with rewritable
> media versus write-once media, etc.
> The machine I test the release builds on before uploading them has a
> Gigabyte motherboard (G31M-ES2L) with a sata drive in it so it's not a
> generic "sata doesn't work" issue:
> acd0: DVDROM <Optiarc DVD-ROM DDU1675S/1.10> at ata0-slave SATA150
> If none of that helps we'd need more information about how far it gets
> before it stops.

I can say there is a problem to boot with cdrom since 7.2-BETA1.

All system is same, all older version can boot in this machine: 6.1, 
6.2, ...,7.1, etc. amd64 or i386.

I've burnt 03 media to test 7.2-RC2, one cd-rw burnt with cdrecord and 
two cd-r burnt first with burncd and last was burnt with cdrecord.

What I can do to help this release?


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