Evaluating the performance of a single FreeBSD server

Michel Di Croci michel.dicroci at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 18:35:13 UTC 2009


One of my ex colleague wanna startup a web project. I'm still unsure about
the possibility of expansion of the project so I prefer to start slowly. One
of my idea was to use a FreeBSD server (a rack one which I will put in a
colocation environment) and use it as a starting server and runs an Apache +
PHP + PostgreSQL (for a long run stable and expandable DB). If it starts to
respond slowly after the "initial release of the service"... I would add
more servers (one new for the DB and another one for a webserver and a load
balancer) with the profit from the service. You know where I'm heading...
adding as needs grows.

However what I want to know here is how much could handle this server as a
standalone? How many requests at the same time ? If it's a good way to
present as a startup? If we should go indead to a managed server. My idea
here is that if it's going too slow, we might just buy new instead of going
with a all managed solution where we would be more like renting a server.

He doesn't have a lot of money, especially at the beginning but I wish to be
in a middle solution. Responding for a lot of requests (if it's starting
well) without the drawback of having just one server. We cannot afford a
full rack of server if it would even be better.


PS: If you have suggestion for better hardware, just let me know. I never
venture in this direction but I know FreeBSD is running quite well here in
my house ;) But I know that's not the same story if I want a server being
accessible. I don't think we'll be slashdotted however.... ;)

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