bge problems under 7.2-PRERELEASE

David Christensen davidch at
Wed Apr 22 23:34:36 UTC 2009

> > > this is the second report that using MSI with a BCM5754/
> > > chip=0x167a14e4 results in no interrupts, is there any 
> errata about 
> > > this?
> > 
> > Nope, no errata for MSI on the 5754, nor can I recall any 
> MSI problems 
> > on any of the PCIe based devices.  Do the systems share a 
> common root 
> > complex that might be the source of the issue?
> > 
> This one useses a:
> none0 at pci0:0:0:0:       class=0x050000 card=0x02f010de 
> chip=0x02f010de rev=0xa2 hdr=0x00
>     vendor     = 'Nvidia Corp'
>     device     = 'C51 Host Bridge'
>     class      = memory
>     subclass   = RAM
> At least Linux doesn't seem to avoid using MSI with these.
> I didn't get any further regarding the other report so far.

Are there any other errors reported by the 5754 such as a PCIe 
completion timeout in the Advanced Error Uncorrectable Status
Register?  I recall an issue with another Nvidia chipset and 
the 5754 where the system BIOS incorrectly configured the
Hypertransport unitID field to a value of 0x20 which would
prevent our diagnostics from running.  PCI configuration and
memory-mapped I/O worked correctly but DMA operations such as
sending RX'd frames would fail.  MSI might fall into this latter
category and could be causing this error.

The important thing would be to check for a Completion Timeout
in the 5754.


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