FreeBSD 7.2 RC1 amd64 Installation

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sat Apr 18 23:56:30 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-04-18 at 19:04 -0400, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk wrote:

Thanks for the testing and feedback.

> I have installed FreeBSD 7.2 amd64 RC1 from DVD .iso to test its
> installation issues .
> It detected hardware correctly and installed without any problems , but
> during installation of the packages the following errors
> occurred :
> Add of package of package... aborted , error code 1 :
> apache-1.3.41
> links-0.98,1
> apache+mod_ssl-1.3.41+2.8.31
> ghostscript7-nox11-7.07_20
> emacs-22.3
> Number of failed packages is significantly less than failed packages of
> Release 7.1 amd64 installation .
> Due to failed package installation , at the end Gnome in 7.1 Release and
> Stable was unusable , at least because
> terminal was not available in Gnome menus with nearly empty menus .

To be honest it never occured to me that someone would attempt to
install all of the packages (or at least as many as you indicated in
your summary that you did).  The package failures you mention were
almost certainly caused by conflicts (e.g. apache-1.3.41 and apache
+mod_ssl-1.3.41+2.8.31 failing because apache-2.2.11_4 got installed
first).  When deciding what packages to include on the media as of late
I haven't been taking the issue of possible conflicts into mind.  Like I
said I'm afraid it just never occured to me someone would just select
"virtually all of them" as you did.

I'll take this into consideration moving forward but just so you know it
likely won't be addressed as part of 7.2-REL.  It's likely you would
need to be at least a little more selective in what packages you install
if you want to avoid these sorts of package install failures caused by

> Other points may be the following :
> (1) During user definition password confirmation is not asked but in root
> password definition it is asked .
>        For the user , the same password entry box may be re-used for
> password confirmation without changing
>        screen design because entered password is not plainly visible and
> during password confirmation it is not necessary
>        to keep it there , and it does not require much work to include it .
>        ( During installation of 7.1 , I carefully first recorded password on
> paper , entered it , later it did not worked . )
> (2) CD/DVD drive is NOT released when the message ... ( be sure to remove
> any floppies/CDs/DVDs from the drives ) .

Those are both fixed in head (what will become 8.0).  I chose to not MFC
those changes because they rearrange questions which might throw off
people who are used to the older behavior, it's best to phase in that
sort of thing as part of a new branch.

> (3) When shutdown is selected from Gnome menu either by the first user or
> the root , within displayed dialog box
>       there is no a Shutdown item .
>       It is necessary for the root open a terminal console , and enter
> shutdown -p now command .

That one is a question for the Gnome folks but I *think* that's the
intended behavior unless you configure the machine to launch the
graphical interface as part of booting up. :-)

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