FreeBSD 7.2 RC1 amd64 Installation

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk m.e.sanliturk at
Sat Apr 18 23:04:29 UTC 2009

Dear All ,

I have installed FreeBSD 7.2 amd64 RC1 from DVD .iso to test its
installation issues .

It detected hardware correctly and installed without any problems , but
during installation of the packages the following errors
occurred :

Add of package of package... aborted , error code 1 :


Number of failed packages is significantly less than failed packages of
Release 7.1 amd64 installation .
Due to failed package installation , at the end Gnome in 7.1 Release and
Stable was unusable , at least because
terminal was not available in Gnome menus with nearly empty menus .

Other points may be the following :

(1) During user definition password confirmation is not asked but in root
password definition it is asked .
       For the user , the same password entry box may be re-used for
password confirmation without changing
       screen design because entered password is not plainly visible and
during password confirmation it is not necessary
       to keep it there , and it does not require much work to include it .

       ( During installation of 7.1 , I carefully first recorded password on
paper , entered it , later it did not worked . )

(2) CD/DVD drive is NOT released when the message ... ( be sure to remove
any floppies/CDs/DVDs from the drives ) .

(3) When shutdown is selected from Gnome menu either by the first user or
the root , within displayed dialog box
      there is no a Shutdown item .
      It is necessary for the root open a terminal console , and enter
shutdown -p now command .

PC definition : Intel DG965WH main board with 2 GB memory , PS/2 mouse and
keyboard .

Installation Options : Starting FreeBSD menu : Default
                                       Standard installation
                                       Fresh install ( SATA II Disk cleared
before start of installation and all of the disk allocated )
                                       Standard boot
                                       Disk layout : Default
                                       All distributions selected
                                       All of the ports  categories
containing all of the packages selected with the following  categories
: accessibility ( entries selected on dependency )

                                                 chinese , ipv6 , japanese ,
korean , palm .

                                    IPv6 : No
                                    DHCP : Yes , Ethernet to ADSL router :
Yes , worked .
                                    Gateway : No
                                    iNetd and Network services : No
                                    SSH login : No
                                    FTP : No
                                   NFS Server : No
                                   NFS Client : No
                                   Console Settings : No
                                   Time zone setting : Yes
                                   Mouse : Tested , Worked
                                   Packages : Selected , Installed
                                   User : Defined

Thank you very much

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

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