CD install notes with 7.1R and 7.2RC1

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Apr 17 20:40:28 UTC 2009

I have a test machine. Nothing special except for the dell 2350
mobo. Everything works. Somehow I had 7.1-RELEASE on it already.

I zeroed the disk to reinstall 7.1R from disc1. The install went
fine. But when booting from disk I hit the loader skip_newlines

So I booted 7.1R disc1, set rootdev=disk1s1a, boot -sv, copied in
the /boot/loader from the 7.2-RC1 base pkg and that worked to boot
the freshly installed 7.1R from disk.

So I figured to use 7.2-RC1 now, and zeroed the disk for that.
However 7.2-RC1 disc1 won't boot on this hardware but does on an
older system. It seems to try to access the disc but doesn't print
anything on console and the BIOS passes and proceeds to onboard
DHCP/PXE booting.

Oh, and burncd burns discs with what looks like a bad offset into
them. I've seen this before. Had to use cdrecord, and with that all
the hashes for the cd's verify ok.

All the firmwares are up to date and everything's plain vanilla.

Sorry, three issues in one :) So this is just a report while I
tinker more... in case anyone else is seeing these things. I'm
guessing some strange CDROM speed or write quality issue, not

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