apache 2.0.63 and php5

xer xernet at hotmail.it
Mon Apr 13 08:51:10 UTC 2009

Thank you a lot Raphael, you were right!
The PATH enviroment are (poor) after a reboot and fixed after apachectl stop 
and start.
How you suggest me to fix it?
There is a better way before i will do something wrong?
Thanx in advance

From: "Raphael Becker" <rabe at uugrn.org>
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2009 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: apache 2.0.63 and php5

When you use apachectl start apache inherits the environment of the user
from apachectl, especially PATH. PATH is different for /root and boot.

Create a simple php  with "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" in it and compare the
Values for PATH a) after boot b) after restart by apachectl 

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