ZFSKnownProblems - needs revision?

Lorenzo Perone lopez.on.the.lists at yellowspace.net
Thu Apr 9 20:45:13 UTC 2009


in one production case (1), haven't seen panics or deadlocks for a  
long time, yet on another much more powerful machine (2), I could not  
get rid of "vm_thread_new: kstack allocation failed", ultimately  
rendering the machine useless pretty fast. This was at least till  
RELENG_7/november (7.1-PRERELEASE), where I decided to stop the zfs  
experiment for now and went back to ufs. trying to understand now if  
7.2 is worth a new try, or if, for that matter, the only reasonable  
wait is until 8.0.

perhaps worth of note, the kstack errors still occurred (albeit after  
more time) with all zpools exported (and system rebooted) but the  
zfs.ko still loaded. only after rebooting without zfs_load="YES" the  
server began to work seemlessly for months.

I'm asking myself if/how important the underlying driver/provider  
(mfi, mpt, ad, ciss, etc..) can be in regard to the remaining/ 
recurring problems with zfs.. (since I've seen so different behaviors  
with different machines...)?

(1) Homebrewn Opteron / 2GB RAM / SATA ad / 7.1-PRERELEASE w. usual  
tuning, one zpool on a SATA mirror for backups via rsync of several  
(2) DELL PE 1950 1 Quad-Xeon / 8GB RAM / LSI mpt / 7.1-PRERELEASE w.  
many tunings tried, one zpool on a partition on top of HW RAID 1,  
moderately loaded mailserver box running courier and mysql



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