ZFS Usage.

Andrew Kolchoogin andrew at rinet.ru
Wed Apr 8 17:37:29 UTC 2009

Dear colleagues,

В Ср, 08/04/2009 в 14:30 +0200, Ivan Voras пишет:

    I have "old port" (RELENG_7) ZFS in production on two servers.

    Both of them have Serial ATA HDDs with the following storage pool

1) mpt(4) SATA/SAS Controller with three drives as RAIDZ;
2) aac(4) SATA/SAS RAID Controller with six drives as two RAIDZs.

    Both servers in question are Intel Xeons with FreeBSD/amd64
installed on them, as such, tuning of kernel memory-related sysctls is
unneccessary with recent RELENG_7.

    Servers have relatively complex workload: they contain two-to-six
jails with PostFix/DrWeb/Amavis; MySQL Database (with very intensive
workload as it is used as a backend for RADIUS server with quite
intensive authorisation/accounting); Web Server (up to three on one of
servers in question); Asterisk SoftPBX.

    Servers have NFS-shared home directories between jails via

    Conclusion: no problems detected past three months. ;)

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