Failure to make world for RELENG_6_4

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Sun Apr 5 21:54:33 PDT 2009

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Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Xin LI wrote:
>>>> misc/133264
>>> This one however is not so simple. I have tried building world under
>>> VMWare ESXi 3.5.0 Update 3 (FreeBSD as a guest OS) and the building
>>> process crashed occasionally if more than 1 CPU is allocated to the
>>> virtual machine. The failures are due to various processes like sh,
>>> sed or cc1 dupming core on signal 11 during the build.
>>> The problem seems to be SMP related because enabling only 1 virtual
>>> CPU removes the problem. Of course it is also VMWare related.
>> - From what you have described, it's likely that there is some memory
>> issue.  The FreeBSD Virtual Memory system tends to use all physical
>> memory and this could be a problem for faulty memory chips (i.e. it's
>> more easy for FreeBSD to trigger problems).
> How is this connected with the number of virtual CPUs?
> When I give only 1 CPU to the virtual machine, the problem is gone.
>> If you have access to the host system and possible, would you please try
>> to install FreeBSD directly and see if the problem still occurs?
> Sorry, I cannot do that. This host is already running several Windows
> servers and has been thoroughly tested before production use.
> I have however run Memtest-86 v3.2 in the virtual machine for 
> 2 hours and it has found no errors.

No, memtest is known to be weaker than a 'make world'.

According to kan@, it looks like a bug in FreeBSD 6.x :( unfortunately.
 The good news is that the problem has been fixed in 7.x series.

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