Failure to make world for RELENG_6_4

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sun Apr 5 21:40:14 PDT 2009

Alexander Kabaev wrote:
> this seems to be the issue with combination of FreeBSD 6.x and VMWare
> hypervisor when running with more than one virtual CPUs. I see it will
> the full range of VMWare products, from Player to Fusion and
> Workstation. FreeBSD 7 and up are working fine.

Is there a hypervisor which has no problems with FreeBSD? I have tried

1. Under Microsoft (former Connectix) VirtualPC, FreeBSD has timer
problems ("microuptime went backwards").

2. Under VirtualBox, some processes tend to hang with the obscure
kernel mesage "sigreturn: eflags = 0x80286" (the VirtualBox
bugtracker claims the issue is fixed, but it is not).

3. Under ESXi, you know.

4. What about Xen? Is it worth trying?

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