Intel Integrated Raid (iir) relevance

Danny Braniss danny at
Wed Apr 1 03:12:24 PDT 2009

Hi Xin LI,
> (It would be probably good idea to redirect this discussion to -stable@,
> redirected)
ok by me.

> Hi, Danny,
> Danny Braniss wrote:
> > It's no longer working (for me) under 7.2, and so far
> > I am not getting any feedback, so since it seems that
> > this particular hardware has reached EOL, I was wondering
> > if,
> >  a) it's true,
> >  b) drop it, and replace it.
> >  c) should time be spent in getting it to work again.
> I'm not very sure about your problem with iir(4).  A diff against
> RELENG_7_1 does not reveal any change on the driver itself.  Are you
> sure that 7.1-R can have the device working?
it's definitly broken for me, it broke sometime after rev 189591.
but the main questions are still unanswered. The problem I'm facing,
together with the amr, is on hosts that are being de-comissioned,
and though I'll be sad turning them to scrap, they did serve us well.


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