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Robert Watson rwatson at FreeBSD.org
Tue Sep 16 19:47:21 UTC 2008

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008, Jo Rhett wrote:

> On Sep 6, 2008, at 4:06 AM, Robert Watson wrote:
>> Unfortunately, it's a little hard to tell at time-of-release whether a 
>> particular release will become extended life or not.  This is because 
>> extended support status is dependent on the success of the release ...
>> from earlier branch adopters.  How long we keep release 6.x releases will 
>> depend entirely on how successful 7.x is; I think there's a reasonable 
>> expectation that 6.4 or 6.5 will be the last 6.x release, in which case we 
>> would want to grant it extended support status.  But what happens depends a 
>> lot on how successful 7.1 is.  My hopes are high, but there's nothing like 
>> real-world deployment to shed light on things :-).
> Robert, I'd like to point out to you that when I complained about 6.2's 
> accelerated EoL, I was soundly boxed around the ears and told that I should 
> have been paying attention to the projected EoL date when we decided to roll 
> out 6.2 across the business.
> I was also told that I should have been more active in the release cycle 
> process for 6.3, etc.
> Now you are saying that expected EoL will be determined at some random point 
> in the future based on gut feelings about how well a completely different 
> branch is doing.
> How can I reconcile these disparate points of view?  How does one focus on 
> testing and upgrade cycle for an "appropriately supported release" when the 
> decision for the support cycle is completely up in the air?

The FreeBSD Project, as with any other company or organization, responds to 
events as they occur.  We try to plan ahead, and when things go better or 
worse than expected, we sometimes change the plans.  As far as I know we've 
never *shortened* the expected support timeline for any branch or release, but 
we have on occasion lenthened them when we feel it's important to do so.  I'm 
not sure what other answer is possible.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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