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Jo Rhett jrhett at netconsonance.com
Thu Sep 4 00:36:34 UTC 2008

Where can one find the expected EoL for these releases?  I've poked  
around the website and can't find any notes mentioning this, although  
several people have been making posts suggesting that people should  
review the EoL schedule when planning their upgrades.

On Aug 22, 2008, at 5:51 AM, Ken Smith wrote:
> We're about to start the release cycle for FreeBSD-7.1 and  
> FreeBSD-6.4.
> The proposed schedule for the "major events" of the cycle is:
> 	Freeze          August 29
> 	BETA            September 1
> 	Branch          September 6
> 	6.4-RC1         September 8
> 	7.1-RC1         September 15
> 	6.4-RC2         September 22
> 	7.1-RC2         September 29
> 	6.4-REL         October 6
> 	7.1-REL         October 13
> I haven't posted the schedule on the Web site yet, I'll try to get  
> that
> done over the weekend.
> On Monday I'll switch RELENG_7 and RELENG_6 over to say they are
> 7.1-PRERELEASE and 6.4-PRERELEASE respectively as a heads-up that  
> there
> will likely be higher-than-normal developer activity MFC-ing stuff
> before code freeze starts.  Odds get higher that if you do updates  
> using
> RELENG_7/RELENG_6 branches during this period you *might* wind up  
> with a
> tree that isn't quite right because you happened to catch it part way
> through a developer doing a multi-step commit.
> We had been procrastinating on saying definitively whether we thought
> 6.4-REL would be the last of the RELENG_6 releases to see how well
> things went with 7.X (if 7.0-REL was a total disaster we'd have
> considered doing a 6.5-REL).  It seems that 7.0-REL went well and
> RELENG_7 in general seems to be in good shape so we now expect 6.4-REL
> to be the last of the RELENG_6 releases.
> Thanks.
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