Upcoming Releases Schedule...

Nathan Way nathan at datanode.com
Thu Sep 4 04:45:28 UTC 2008

> Where can one find the expected EoL for these releases?  I've poked
> around the website and can't find any notes mentioning this, although
> several people have been making posts suggesting that people should
> review the EoL schedule when planning their upgrades.


To quote from the above web site:

Branch      Release     Type      Release Date        Estimated EoL
RELENG_6    n/a         n/a       n/a                 January 31, 2010
RELENG_6_3  6.3-RELEASE Extended  January 18, 2008    January 31, 2010
RELENG_7    n/a         n/a       n/a                 last release + 2
RELENG_7_0  7.0-RELEASE Normal    February 27, 2008   February 28, 2009

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