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   PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

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   I.C. Collins
   2900 W. Illinois Ave. Ste.# 4
   Midland, TX 79701
   1-432 - 699-6890

   Techniques in Automotive Careers the online resource for Automotive
   Sales Consultants(TM)
   ( [6]® ) the independent publishing division of
   TACpubUSA® has updated our look. [7]® (TAC)
   announces the expansion of its online product selection for today's
   TechAutoCareers® / Automotive Sales Consultants. What's New? [8]TAC's
   360 Sales Training Blog. Wait! There's More Lots of FREE sales
   training information available for Automotive Sales Consultants just
   got a whole lot easier with more information on [9]TAC's Sales
   Training Blog and [10]TAC's 360 so feel free to stop by.

   We've always worked hard to publish the most authoritative, insightful
   and relevant information on the latest automotive sales techniques
   regarding marketplace trends and ethics best practices in the
   Automotive Sales Fraternity. Not one of our competitors can provide
   all of these features. Send us your feedback & tell us what you

   Our goal with this transformation was to make® as
   visually interesting and engaging as the stories we publish. To this
   end, we've overhauled our look from top to bottom and made some
   adjustments to our coverage to match our new design. Provide even more
   information than before so you may take advantage of our rapidly
   improving web site at [11]TAC's Sales Training Blog.
   We've always put a great deal of effort into our Web Sites because we
   strongly believe it is important for you to have a solid and accurate
   objective foundation to support our subjective observations about
   Automotive Sales Training. We remain the only Automotive Sales
   Training Web site that regularly publishes latest automotive sales
   techniques regarding marketplace trends and ethics best practices in
   the business. Come grow with us at [12]TAC's Group, [13]TAC's 360 and
   [14]TAC's Sales Training Blog.
   Please take notice the term TechAutoCareers® is a registered
   collective membership mark that identifies a Automotive Sales
   Consultant / TechAutoCareers® who is a member of Techniques in
   Automotive Careers online resource for automotive sales consultants
   and subscribes to its strict [15]Code of Ethics.
   Our goal is to inspire TechAutoCareers® to drive change within their
   organizations, making customer-based initiatives and relationship
   selling the centerpiece of their growth strategy.
   TechAutoCareers® occupations are among the most important occupations
   in the dealership. Their success in selling vehicles and services
   determines the success of the dealership. TechAutoCareers® usually are
   the first to greet customers and determine their interests through a
   series of questions.
   Before entering the dealership, many customers use the Internet to
   research and compare vehicle prices, features, and options.
   TechAutoCareers® then explain and demonstrate the vehicle's features
   in the showroom and on the road. Working closely with their customers,
   they negotiate the final terms and price of the sale. TechAutoCareers®
   must be tactful, well-groomed, and able to express themselves well.
   Their success in sales depends upon their ability to win the respect
   and trust of prospective customers.

   TAC's integrated approach to sales training has been proven to boost
   sales results. TechAutoCareers® equipped with The Handbook For
   Automotive Sales Consultants(TM) an industry-proven handbook with
   results-based techniques, delivered by a 25-year auto industry veteran
   teaching state-of-the-art processes, will get you out in front of the
   competition early.
   The Handbook For Automotive Sales Consultants(TM) (Should be required
   reading for management and auto sales consultants) instructs
   TechAutoCareers® on the fundamentals of selling, customer service, and
   follow-up. For instance the handbook will deliver and demonstrate
   advanced persuasion-based sales techniques, it combines sales training
   with a good read.

   Explaining in great detail how to create a "interpersonal selling
   experience" it offers an insight into sales that you may never have
   thought about before. As a result, TechAutoCareers® capitalize on
   their interactions with customers, maximizing profits while creating
   customer satisfaction and loyalty.
   We hope you enjoy the new look of®. Let us know
   what you think through the usual channels. You will not find a more
   useful site. The site offers everything that Automotive Sales
   Consultants need to succeed in the Automotive Sales Fraternity. TAC is
   firmly committed to being the premiere trusted resource for Automotive
   Sales Consultants worldwide.® promises to be everything to a select few. Rather
   than going after the wide consumer audience, it is focused on the
   Automotive Sales Fraternity. Offering a unique blend of original
   material, news feed summaries, galleries and a forum,® gives visitors the best of what the web format
   has to offer.

   Fun and irreverent, [16]TAC's Sales Training Blog has some great
   photography and unique articles that make it worth a permanent
   bookmark. We will continue to cover, as we have since 2000 ([17]TAC's
   Sales Training Blog), all the motor vehicles that come to market that
   are available to our readers. But we will focus our coverage on those
   machines that have strong appeal to mainstream car enthusiasts.

                            From the Publisher 

   A career in the automotive industry isn't for the timid. You need an
   energetic and outgoing personality, a healthy work ethic, and the
   drive and commitment to build your client base.
   But there's more: you also need to know how to open yourself to
   opportunity. A sales veteran with a stellar record, I. C. Collins
   shows you how to do just that as you earn your way to top salesperson
   of the month.
   Whether you're new to the automotive business or have worked the floor
   for decades, you'll find all the motivation and guidance you need to
   earn bigger and better commissions in The Handbook For Automotive
   Sales Consultants(TM) comes with a money back* - Guarantee - all
   designed to maximize performance and profitability.

                         About®® is the first and only company with the firm
   commitment to satisfying one important market, the Automotive Sales
   Consultant. As a Business Unit of TACpubUSA®, a 14-year-old company.® was formed to focus on the needs of the
   Automotive Sales Fraternity - Dealers' and sales consultants alike.
   With a primary goal of being an open exchange of ideas and to provide
   proven techniques to insure productivity. TAC believes sharing is
   about much more than just sacrificing some of what you've got and
   giving it to someone else! In reality, sharing is all about connecting
   with other people and joining in an experience together..
   Serving clients and employees throughout North America and Globally® leads the industry in providing unmatched
   satisfaction. Because we are an integral part of the automotive
   industry, our "insider" experience allows us to be the online resource
   for automotive sales consultants so you get the information essential
   to the Automotive Sales Fraternity in today's market.
   The Handbook For Automotive Sales Consultants(TM) can be ordered
   online or factory direct.

   The company is headquartered in Midland, TX.

   2900 W. Illinois Ave. Ste.# 4
   Midland, TX 79701
   1-432- 699-6890

   Marketing Director / Gayle Bower:
   [18]Gayle_Trainer at

   P.S. Did a friend send you this? Go Visit [19]® -
   it's award-winning, useful, and complimentary.
   P.P.S. Got questions, comments, or ideas for editorial?
   Email Editorial Director I.C. Collins at
   [20]Editor-in-Chief at or call Customer Service at
   (432) 699-6890 -- thanks!

   "How To Succeed In The Automotive Sales Industry®: The Handbook For
   Automotive Sales Consultants" (TM) can be ordered online [21]BUY NOW
   or factory direct.

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   historical fact, are forward-looking statements. The words
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   forecasts about the business of TACpubUSA®. These statements are not
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   assumptions which are difficult to predict. Therefore, actual outcomes
   and results may differ materially from what is expressed or implied by
   these forward-looking statements. Factors which may affect
   TACpubUSA®'s business, financial condition and operating results
   include the effects of changes in the economy, consumer spending, the
   financial markets and the industries in which TACpubUSA® and its
   partners operate, changes affecting the Internet and e-commerce, the
   ability of TACpubUSA® to develop and maintain relationships with
   strategic partners and suppliers and the timing of its establishment,
   extension or termination of its relationships with strategic partners,
   the ability of TACpubUSA® to timely and successfully develop, maintain
   and protect its technology, confidential and proprietary information,
   and product and service offerings and execute operationally, the
   ability of TACpubUSA® to attract and retain qualified personnel, and
   the ability of TACpubUSA® to successfully integrate its acquisitions
   of other businesses, if any, the performance of acquired businesses.
   TACpubUSA® expressly disclaims any intent or obligation to update
   these forward-looking statements.

    " The trusted resource' for Automotive Sales Consultants worldwide,
                     A Success and Still Growing (TM) "

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   Mr. Collins is President of® and Ethics &
   Compliance Strategies in Midland, TX He assists Dealers and management
   in the development, implementation and management of ethics and
   compliance programs which support good business practices, encourage
   ethical decision making, assist in adherence to regulatory

   I. C. Collins
   Director of TACpubUSA® / [27]®
   and Ethics & Compliance Strategies


   2900 W. Illinois Ste. # 4
   Midland, TX  79701
   Phone: 1 - 432 - 699 - 6890
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