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On Wed, 3 Sep 2008 17:01:31 -0600
Dan Allen <danallen46 at> mentioned:

> Phillip Salzman wrote:
> > An easy answer would be to put the web-browser and such the first  
> > disk, but
> > I don't think it would solve anything.  If it kept with those,  
> > FreeBSD would
> > find itself just moving towards the same work being done at PC-BSD,  
> > wouldn't
> > it?
> When I see almost 200 MB free on disc1 of 7.0, and I remember the  
> handy apps & pkgs which used to be on past releases of FreeBSD, I do  
> not see it as moving towards PC-BSD as much as I see it as going back  
> to what FreeBSD used to have just a few releases ago.
> In truth, for workstations and laptops at least, most of us do want a  
> web browser.  Not having a decent web browser out of the box in 2008  
> after 15 years of web browser development gives BSD a really archaic  
> look and feel.  We all know that BSD is the best, most solid OS out  
> there - but occasionally we need to do a bit of marketing, we need to  
> show our stuff to let others see that "we get it".
> Dan

I don't think the the problem really is in including the web browser,
or X11 or not. All of us have different preferences on which soft we
want to have on the first CD. That is I won't probably want a web browser
when installing the server, but php, ruby and nginx instead. I think,
that the current set of packages for the first CD is reasonable enough.

The real problem is that our installation program isn't flexible enough
and, truly speaking, obsolete. There're several programs of preparing
the new generation installation system for FreeBSD, and after it's
finished we'll probably able to prepare target-oriented CD sets,
e.g. one for server installs, one for workstations, etc. It should
be also good enough to allow you easily install any software you want
whatever way you prefer.

Stanislav Sedov
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