FreeBSD 7.1 Content

Dan Allen danallen46 at
Wed Sep 3 23:01:34 UTC 2008

Phillip Salzman wrote:
> An easy answer would be to put the web-browser and such the first  
> disk, but
> I don't think it would solve anything.  If it kept with those,  
> FreeBSD would
> find itself just moving towards the same work being done at PC-BSD,  
> wouldn't
> it?

When I see almost 200 MB free on disc1 of 7.0, and I remember the  
handy apps & pkgs which used to be on past releases of FreeBSD, I do  
not see it as moving towards PC-BSD as much as I see it as going back  
to what FreeBSD used to have just a few releases ago.
In truth, for workstations and laptops at least, most of us do want a  
web browser.  Not having a decent web browser out of the box in 2008  
after 15 years of web browser development gives BSD a really archaic  
look and feel.  We all know that BSD is the best, most solid OS out  
there - but occasionally we need to do a bit of marketing, we need to  
show our stuff to let others see that "we get it".

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