/usr/bin/objformat is missing

Jim Pingle lists at pingle.org
Tue Jan 29 15:33:10 PST 2008

Chris H. wrote:
> While it
> didn't fix my seeming php5 module number limitation. I was able, after
> trial and error, to discover that the recode module was the module
> causing Apache to dump core. Simply removing it from the list cured
> it. :) Further investigation reveals that there are some issues with
> with recode versions greater than 3.5. PHP recommends using 3.5. But,
> as I already use iconv, and mbstring, using recode is kind of overkill
> anyway. So forget it. :)

I've had my fair share of trouble regarding PHP4 and PHP5 crashing Apache 
with certain extensions, as documented here:



and here:

It happens with PHP4, PHP5, Apache 1.x and Apache 2.x.

My workaround is a hackish script that reorders the problematic extensions 
to the end of extension.ini, and in a specific order. It Works For Me, but 
YMMV. I'm glad you were able to get around the problem by simply disabling 
an extension, but some of us aren't so lucky :)


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