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Tue Jan 29 13:24:58 PST 2008

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> Quoting pluknet <pluknet at gmail.com>:
>> On 29/01/2008, Chris H. <chris#@1command.com> wrote:
>>> Quoting Peter Jeremy <peterjeremy at optushome.com.au>:
>>> > On Mon, Jan 28, 2008 at 02:41:56PM -0800, Chris H. wrote:
>>> >> In case you're wondering, objformat /is/ required - at leas for
>>> >> www/apache13-ssl.
>>> >
>> touching objformat is not a good way. Try this instead, last time it
>> helped me (taken from memory):
>> --- Makefile.orig       2008-01-29 13:38:43.000000000 +0300
>> +++ Makefile    2008-01-29 13:41:19.000000000 +0300
>> @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
>> #                      and apache-ssl port by Mark Murray <mark at grondar.za>.
>> #                      Oh, and with a little bit of help from Ben :)
>> #
>> -# $FreeBSD: ports/www/apache13-ssl/Makefile,v 1.121 2007/06/17
>> 16:59:26 anders Exp $
>> +# $FreeBSD$
>> PORTNAME=      apache+ssl
>> @@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
>> -CFLAGS+=       -I${OPENSSLINC}/openssl
>> +CFLAGS+=       -I${OPENSSLINC}/openssl -Wl,
> I noticed this arg in another thread regarding this issue:
> --export-dynamic
> Thank you for posting this. Although I had success building and
> running the apache13-ssl port after applying my objformat /hackery/.
> I'm now running into troubles adding all of the php5 extensions I
> need to use. I had no difficulties with php5 itself. But after a
> certain point in the list, apache exits on signal 11 (core dumped).
> Ermm... this was exactly the same trouble I started with, with the
> exception that it was on signal 10.
> So, with any luck (fingers crossed), I'll get past this limitation
> with your patch and /yet/ another make deinstall apache13-ssl &&
> all-added-mod_whatevers && all-php5-extensions && php5. make install
> everything-all-over-again. :/
> Looks like the bugfest mark announced earlier isn't over just yet. :)
> Thanks again for taking the time to respond and share your patch.
> --Chris H

Well, the:


was the magic. :) This of course, basically accomplishes the same
thing as my /hackery/. But does it in a manner which cannot be
considered "hackery". :) I mean, that's what a linker is for, isn't it? :)
The only side affect from adding it, is that after linking/compiling
the Apache core, it moves on to the modules, and emits the following
on every one:
cc: --export-dynamic: linker input file unused because linking not done
But of course, it's just a harmless "informative" message. While it
didn't fix my seeming php5 module number limitation. I was able, after
trial and error, to discover that the recode module was the module
causing Apache to dump core. Simply removing it from the list cured
it. :) Further investigation reveals that there are some issues with
with recode versions greater than 3.5. PHP recommends using 3.5. But,
as I already use iconv, and mbstring, using recode is kind of overkill
anyway. So forget it. :)

I /really/ want to thank you for shooting this patch my direction. For
two reasons; one of course, because it eliminates the need for /hackery/
two, because it reminded me to get back to a project I had to put on the
back burner. Which is to create a port of Apache that will run 2 versions
of PHP consecutively. Sure, I know that everybody runs one via module, and
the other via cgi. But, given the way dlopen works on *BSD. It is possible
to run both versions as modules. Which will allow you to separate them
via extension, virtual host/domain, or a mix of both. All via Apache's
conf file - so take /that/ Linux. >:)
I had /intended/ to finish the project /before/ PHP announced
the EOL date for v.4. But work got in the way. :(

Anyway, given that I already sent a pr on this issue. I'll send your
eloquent "patch" as the recommended solution. So as to close the pr.

Thanks again!

--Chris H

>> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       \
>>                --prefix=${PREFIX} \
>>                --server-uid=www \
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